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I dreamt you were further down the beach and we sailed into the night. And there were always mysterious conditions we had to deal with.

I dreamt that after a quick, easy labor I gave a twig. I carried the twig around with me and was surprised that nobody stopped to oooh.

I dreamt there was a big fat boy we had made a plaster cast of.
He was laying on the ground kissing himself.
The big girl in a room - she's playing a game, we're all waiting
I take out my visa card and kick it under the locker
We argue, She says i always do that
she laughs we're talking about bowie
the latest thing he did, he never quite got under her skin.

I dreamt that I was very tall
I was Bigger than King Kong.

I dreamt that you bought an exotic pet. like a meercat with a racoon tail. but it wasn't happy, it was cold and scared.

I dreamt that all the furniture
in the house chased me.

I dreamt that I kept 2 worms and a leech in a container,
but throw the 2 worms out the window.
Later I felt an itch on my foot.

I dreamt that there was no Christmas
- that it all had never happened.

I dreamt we ate sour pancakes in Scotland
I looked at her and asked “where are we moving to?
”She said -  “we are not moving, we are going home”

I dreamt that i was bitten by a tarantula.
And then, my sister and i were thinking if i should go to the hospital or buy something first.

I dreamt that I owned land in Japan and on the Moon.

I dreamt that I was romantically involved
with a good Friend of mine.

I dreamt that I was the president.

I dreamt they threw sand on it.
The house burned from within the center.
An unusual house,with secret rooms.
I cant believe that I bought it.
It burns. I'm driving around town.

I dreamt that I was dreaming.
In the dream-within-a-dream, I found that my fingernails have all been painted expertly with transparent nail polish.

I dreamt that I was dreaming.
And in the dream I dreamt, I dreamt I saw what I was seeing.

I dreamt I walked towards you with an infinitely heavy lower lip.
I drooled and drooled, and red light shot out of my body
and dripped out through my skin.
It aimed at you and you stood paralysed as I walked towards you with my heavy lower lip.
I saw myself from your perspective and I looked awful
in very modern disco light
- you were in a trance

I dreamt that I drank some wet cement and got stoned.

I dreamt that i got attacked by a goat
and then ran through a shopping centre.  

I dreamt I could see the invisible electrical charges moving along the ceiling by filming it with my phone.
Electricity crawled across the ceiling
and on the metal framed glass.
I gazed at the grey storm and thunder in the distance.
I spoke to the storm and asked for permission.
From the clouds a 3D red geometric figure came flying towards me and penetrated the glass in the window
- and penetrated my skin.
Inside my body it began to speak with a voice
it said I had 293 days.

I dreamt I tickled you for about 10 minutes
and you laughed and laughed.

I dreamt that blindness stole my eyes.
And life had turned to brine.
A child came by to sympathise. And said, “Take one of mine.”

I dreamt everything was better
and more clear with the new dictator.

I dreamt we met on chaotic train tracks in South America.
You couldn't believe that I could stay awake.
We had sex, you were so beautiful
We were younger and we realized that it
might not be smart to have sex right there.
Instead, we pretended to sleep under a duvet
inside an open train carriage.
I lost one shoe.
And the train started to move.
The children ran after the train.
They drove away with the duvet, directly into a
mysterious tunnel that led inside a factory.
In which a yogurt-like liquid was poured inside
all formats of plastic bottles.
I stopped the train and everyone stared at me.

I dreamt you had your hair cut off and you had started a company that did everything you did not like.
It just didn't work for you.
Then we ran around up on a skyscraper in the crazy winds
in empty swimming pools and you wanted
to climb buildings with your new hair.

I dreamt about concert but it was as if I had been taken over by mysterious forces, controlled from a distant planet.

I dreamt your face had turned into one of an old man.
With crisp wrinkled skin and folds. And there grew whipped cream out of your hands.

I dreamt that i figured out how to play "imagine" on the old piano, even the yoo-hoo-ooh-ooh bit.